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Mindray DP-50

mindray dp 50  

Abdominal, Ob/Gyn, Small Parts, MSK, Vascular Access

System Description

The Mindray DP-50 portable ultrasound is an easy to use, sophisticated system for private practice or clinical use. The Mindray DP50 Portable Ultrasound System features a 15” black and white high resolution wide-angle LCD with tilt functionality for better viewing. Improve workflow with one push image transfer to local or directly to USB. The Mindray DP-50 portable ultrasound includes imaging technologies such as iTouch and iClear as well as an optional IMT reporting package.




Mindray DP-50 Features and Specifications



  • Digital Beamforming
  • 15” high resolution monitor
  • Multifunction control panel with illuminated keypad
  • Four USB ports
  • Dicom 3.0
  • Tissue Harmonics
  • iTouch - Automatic optimization of image by pressing a single button
  • iClear - Technology reduces interference [speckle reduction]
  • iSation - On-Board Reporting
  • Tissue Specific Imaging [TSI]
  • IMT Calculation Package
  • Li-ion Battery [120 min]


  • DICOM Structured reporting
  • DICOM Worklist
  • DICOM print
  • DICOM Storage



Mindray DP50 Transducers


  • 35C50EA Center Frequency: 3.5MHz 35C50EA
  • 35C20EA Center Frequency: 3.5MHz35C20EA
  • 65C15EA Center Frequency: 6.5MHz65C15EA


  • 65EC10EA Center Frequency: 6.5MHz65EC10EA


  • 75L38EA Center Frequency: 7.5MHz75L38EA
  • 75L53EA Center Frequency: 7.5MHz75L53EA
  • 10L24EA Center Frequency: 10.0MHz10L24EA




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